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Explore the RIDGECRAWLER RT (rugged terrain) tire: Your gateway to limitless adventure. Purposely engineered for enduring durability, it promises unmatched performance across a variety of landscapes. The optimized tread design provides stability, and its 3PMS certification ensures dependable performance in any weather. Its robust appearance commands attention. Elevate your journey with the RIDGECRAWLER RT tire – your key to adventure without limits.


    • All-Weather Traction: Experience consistent grip and performance in various weather conditions throughout the year, from hot summers to frigid winters with the 3PMS certified badge and 3D sipes on all RT tires.
    • Enhanced Tread Pattern: Optimized wide footprint tread design provides excellent traction, enhancing control on any surface. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on paved roads while seamlessly transitioning to an off-road terrain.
    • Aggressive Sidewall Biters: Durable sidewall lugs provide extra traction and protection when needed the most, either preventing cuts and snags or for those that air down on the trails.

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