Nokian Tires

WRG3 (Asymmetric)

WRG3 (Directional)

Winter-Rated All-Weather Tires

The latest in Nokian's revolutionary line of All-Weather tires, the WRG3 offers the best performance in every season. Polished outer grooves expel water and slush to prevent aquaplaning and increase lateral stability.


  • 4-season tire that out-performs many dedicated winter tires in ice and snow, allowing drivers to use a single tire even in severe winter conditions
  • Absolute grip and excellent handling in all winter conditions
  • Stable and easy to control even at high speeds
  • Rolls lightly, saving the environment and fuel
  • Features Cryogenic Canola Compound which is a combination of rubber, silica and canola oil the optimizes winter grip, wet grip and wear resistance in varying temperatures
  • Polished Main Grooves - Snow and slush come easily off the tire along the smooth and shiny grooves. Thanks to the tread pattern, the tire cleans easily and runs effortlessly in deep snow and slush on even the most challenging roads
  • 3D Lock Sipe locks the outer shoulder blocks together when in contact with the road reducing unnecessary sipe movement
  • Directional arrowhead tread design in select smaller sizes increases lateral stability for smaller, lighter vehicles.

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