Multi-Mile Tires


  • Straight Rib Design For Minimal Turf Damage
  • Square Shoulder Design For Maximum Traction and Weight Disbursement

Pricing Information:

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Product No. Tire Size Load Rating/Ply Rating Tread Depth 32nd Approx Weight
LR-10 11X4.00-5 B/4 4 3
LR-20 13X5.00-6 B/4 4 3
LR-23 13X6.50-6 B/4 4 5
LR-25 15X6.00-6 B/4 5 5
LR-30 16X6.50-8 B/4 6 7
LR-35 18X8.50-8 B/4 8 11
LR-36 18X9.50-8 B/4 8 12