Vredestein Tires

Developed for enthusiasts with an eye for detail and design. Beneath all the classical exterior lies the most advanced technology.


  • High-grade tyre technology
  • Sophisticated tread compound
  • High-grade innerliner
  • Renowned profile combined with a stylish, refined sidewall marking


  • Ultra-safe and Up-to-date comfort
  • Shorter breaking distance
  • Minimum air loss
  • Classic look

Pricing Information:

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Item # Tire Size Load Speed
V1824 6.40/7.00R13 87S
V1819 205/60R13 86V
V1823 165R14 84H
V1820 175R14 88H
V1818 185R14 90H
V1821 195/70R14 91V
V1817 205/70R14 95V
V1810 155R15 82S
V1811 165R15 86H
V1822 175/70R15 86H
V1814 185/70R15 89H
V1812 185R15 91H
V1815 205/70R15 96V
V1813 185R16 93H