Nokian Tires

Hakkapeliitta LT2

This tire combines uncompromised grip and exceptional durability. This Light Truck winter tire features a reinforced steel belt package and an aggressive center area tread pattern to maximize grip in rapidly changing road conditions.


  • Deep, aggressive tread design provides outstanding traction in deep snow
  • Scuffing Protection - A strengthened part of the tire’s side which protects it from damage
  • DSI and WSI indicators - Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) and the snowflake symbol (Winter Safety Indicator) improve driving comfort and safety. The numbers indicate the depth of the main grooves in millimetres. The numbers fade away as the tyre wears down
  • Sipe activators - The sipe activators on the edge of the tire’s tread pattern enhance the sipes’ performance on the most slippery surfaces
  • Information Field - The tire’s information field can be used to mark the correct inflation pressure and the tire’s place on the car during the storage season

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