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Description: Durable Power with a Modern Look, this Summer Tire combines the usual features of passenger car tires with the efficiency of commercial vehicles.

Features Benefits
  Robust tire shoulder tread pattern and   
jagged contours
 -  Long life  
  Two circumferential grooves,  
tread depth = 11 mm  
 -  Increased resistance to aquaplaning  
  Exceptional carcass structure incorporating   
a steel reinforcement strip in tire beading
 -  Excellent handling properties  
  Tread  -  A silent van tire  
  Sidewall design  -  An upgrading of the van  
  Speed symbol  -  R = 106 mph  
  Range  -  12 sizes





Item # Ply Size Load & Speed Rating
V5000 C 175R14 99R
V5011 C 195/70R15 104R
V5044 C 205/65R15 102T
V5018 C 205/70R15 106R
V5012 C 215/70R15 109R
V5013 C 225/70R15 112R
V5006 C 185/75R16 104R
V5016 C 195/65R16 104R
V5007 C 195/75R16 107R
V5042 C 205/65R16 107T
V5019 C 205/75R16 110R
V5043 C 215/65R16 109T
V5008 C 215/75R16 113R
V5017 C 225/65R16 112R
V5045 C 235/65R16 115R


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