Our Nitrogen Tire Service

What are the benefits of Nitrogen filled tires?

  • Nitrogen filled tires will benefit from two things; they will retain tire pressure longer and will age chemically more slowly.
  • Proper tire inflation pressure will maximize your tires performance and your cars handling and braking. It will also improve gas efficiency and by minimizing the flex in the tire sidewall, lower the temperature of your tires.
  • By eliminating most of the oxygen in your tires, the tire’s components cannot rust or age as fast. Just like steel rust, rubber ages.

Is Nitrogen dangerous?

  • No, absolutely not. Nitrogen is an inert gas, which means it will not burn.

Why haven’t I heard of Nitrogen tire filling before?

  • In the past Nitrogen was very costly to obtain for tire inflation. The gas had to be purchased in liquid form.
  • New technology has enabled Tire Factory to offer Nitrogen tire inflation service at a very minimal price to the consumer.

Can a tire be refilled with air if Nitrogen is not available?

  • Yes, filling a tire with air after it has been inflated with Nitrogen will not create any problems. The effects of Nitrogen will be lost, but the tire will be fine for driving until the tire can be purged and refilled with Nitrogen again.

Is Nitrogen harmful to the environment?

  • No, Nitrogen is a natural inert gas. 79% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen.
  • Also, by using Nitrogen filled tires, we are supporting a better environment by saving fuel and reducing the number of tires that need to be disposed annually.

How do I get Nitrogen in my Tires?

  • For only $3.99 for each tire, Tire Factory will fill your tires with Nitrogen.
  • Call your local Tire Factory today to get your tires with Nitrogen!!!