Nokian Rotiiva

All Weather, All Terrain tire

On Feb. 1, 1999 the U.S. Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) established a winter tire grading standard for tires exceeding specific snow traction performance requirements. These tires are specifically designed for use in severe snow conditions. Tires meeting this standard are embossed on their sidewall with the severe service symbol of a peaked mountain with a snowflake. This standard helps drivers choose a tire that will help make their winter driving safer.


• Respecting the Environment - Manufacturing Process uses only low aromatic, purified oils in this All-Purpose SUV & Light Truck Radial 
• Stone Ejectors - Keeps main grooves clean preventing "stone drilling" and as a result helps to extend the life of the tire. 
• Severe Service Emblem - Carries the Severe Service Emblem exceeding government snow condition regulations. 
• Center Rib Stabilizer - Improves stability in all driving conditions, especially in powerfull accelerations. The stabilizer ensures that the tread pattern, which provides such good grip, doesn’t flex too much. This means that driving stability remains outstanding, even on a dry surface with good grip.

Product # Size Load/Speed Rating Ply Rating
T428198 31x10.5015 109S C
T428178 235/7515 109T XL
T428199 LT225/7516 115/112S E
T428200 LT235/8516 120/116R E
T428184 235/7016 109T XL
T428186 245/7516 111S  
T428201 LT245/7516 120/116S E
T428185 245/7016 111T XL
T428187 255/7016 111T  
T428189 265/7516 116S  
T428202 LT265/7516 123/120S E
T428188 265/7016 112T  
T428203 LT285/7516 122/119S D
T428204 LT235/8017 120/117R E
T428191 235/7017 111T XL
T428190 235/6517 108T XL
T428205 LT245/7517 121/118S E
T428193 245/7017 110T  
T428192 245/6517 111T XL
T428194 255/7017 112T  
T428196 265/7017 115T  
T428206 LT265/7017 121/118S E
T428195 265/6517 116T XL
T428207 LT275/7017 114/110S C
T428208 LT285/7017 121/118S D
T428210 LT265/7018 124/121S E
T428209 LT275/6518 123/120S E
T428197 275/5520 117T XL

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