Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2
& Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 Tires
  Hakkapeliitta R2

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV Tires

Non-studded Winter Tires


  • This new non-studded introduction to the Hakkapeliitta family of winter tyres represents the core competence of Nokian Tyres: the world’s leading winter tyre expertise.
  • First-class winter grip, more precise handling - Diamond-tough grip particles that have the appearance of a multi-edged crystal have been added to the rubber compound in order to improve grip on ice by grabbing onto the driving surface.
  • The new cryo-silane based winter silica compound works safely across a wide temperature range. The compound creates exceptional grip on ice, snow, and wet roads, and excellent wear resistance.
  • Pump Sipes - The pocket-type sipes on the tire shoulder remove, or even pump, water out of the road surface, ensuring stable and sure grip.
  • The slush claws on the shoulder area allow for optimal grip even in thick slush, and prevent the accumulation of slush between the tread blocks.
  • The aggressive tread pattern is covered by a denser sipe mesh. Wider individual sipes provide much-needed grip surface, especially when friction is at its lowest on wet ice.








Hakkapeliitta R2      
Item# Size Load/ Speed Ply Run Flat
T428379 175/70R13 82R    
T428381 175/65R14 86R XL  
T428382 185/65R14 90R XL  
T428383 175/65R15 88R XL  
T428394 185/55R15 86R XL  
T428387 185/60R15 88R XL  
T428384 185/65R15 92R XL  
T428395 195/55R15 89R XL  
T428388 195/60R15 92R XL  
T428385 195/65R15 95R XL  
T428386 205/65R15 99R XL  
T428351 205/70R15 100R XL  
T428402 195/50R16 88R XL  
T428662 195/55R16 87R   Run Flat
T428396 195/55R16 91R XL  
T428389 195/60R16 93R XL  
T428663 205/55R16 91R   Run Flat
T428342 205/55R16 94R XL  
T428661 205/60R16 92R   Run Flat
T428390 205/60R16 96R XL  
T428460 205/65R16 99R XL  
T428397 215/55R16 97R XL  
T428391 215/60R16 99R XL  
T428354 215/65R16 102R XL  
T428398 225/55R16 99R XL  
T428392 225/60R16 102R XL  
T428393 235/60R16 104R XL  
T428665 205/50R17 89R   Run Flat
T428403 205/50R17 93R XL  
T428777 215/45R17 91R XL  
T428404 215/50R17 95R XL  
T428399 215/55R17 98R XL  
T428668 225/45R17 91R   Run Flat
T428408 225/45R17 94R XL  
T428666 225/50R17 94R   Run Flat
T428405 225/50R17 98R XL  
T428400 225/55R17 101R XL  
T428664 225/55R17 97R   Run Flat
T428409 235/45R17 97R XL  
T428401 235/55R17 103R XL  
T428410 245/45R17 99R XL  
T428415 225/40R18 92R XL  
T428411 225/45R18 95R XL  
T428416 235/40R18 95R XL  
T428697 235/45R18 98R XL  
T428406 235/50R18 101R XL  
T428417 245/40R18 97R XL  
T428412 245/45R18 100R XL  
T428669 245/45R18 100R XL Run Flat
T428667 245/50R18 100R   Run Flat
T428407 245/50R18 104R XL  
T428413 255/45R18 103R XL  
T428418 245/40R19 98R XL  
T428414 245/45R19 102R XL  
T428725 255/35R19 96R XL  
T428419 255/40R19 100R XL  
T428420 255/35R20 97R XL  
  Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV      
Item# Size Load/ Speed Ply Run Flat
T428422 235/75R15 105R    
T428352 215/70R16 100R    
T428423 225/70R16 107R XL  
T428424 235/70R16 106R    
T428353 245/70R16 111R XL  
T428425 265/70R16 112R    
T428426 275/70R16 114R    
T428360 215/60R17 100R XL  
T428458 215/65R17 103R XL  
T428361 225/60R17 103R XL  
T428671 225/60R17 99R   Run Flat
T428355 225/65R17 106R XL  
T428362 235/60R17 106R XL  
T428343 235/65R17 108R XL  
T428356 245/65R17 111R XL  
T428428 255/65R17 114R XL  
T428357 265/65R17 116R XL  
T428427 265/70R17 115R    
T428429 275/65R17 119R XL  
T428358 285/65R17 116R    
T428368 225/55R18 102R XL  
T428363 225/60R18 104R XL  
T428369 235/55R18 104R XL  
T428364 235/60R18 107R XL  
T428359 235/65R18 110R XL  
T428365 245/60R18 109R XL  
T428370 255/55R18 109R XL  
T428430 255/60R18 112R XL  
T428457 255/65R18 115R XL  
T428366 265/60R18 114R XL  
T428431 275/60R18 113R    
T428367 285/60R18 116R    
T428371 235/55R19 105R XL  
T428459 245/55R19 107R XL  
T428374 255/50R19 107R XL  
T428672 255/50R19 107R XL Run Flat
T428372 255/55R19 111R XL  
T428373 275/55R19 115R XL  
T428432 245/50R20 106R XL  
T428433 265/50R20 111R XL  
T428378 275/40R20 106R XL  
T428376 275/45R20 110R XL  
T428375 275/50R20 113R XL  
T428434 285/50R20 116R XL  
T428377 265/45R21 108R XL  





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